UpComing Deadline – Call for Managing Editor for Anthropology of Consciousness Journal

Anthropology of Consciousness

The Executive Board of the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness is now inviting applications for Managing Editor of its peer-reviewed journal, Anthropology of Consciousness. Interested applicants should submit a CV, a written statement specifically addressing the qualification criteria listed below and her/his vision for how the journal might evolve. Please send all materials to Beth Savage, SAC Secretary/Treasurer at savagebetha@gmail.com Final selection will follow an interview, preferably before or at the 2018 SAC Spring Meeting in Palo Alto.  Co-Editors encouraged to apply! The three-year term begins August 1, 2018.

Qualifications for Anthropology of Consciousness Managing Editor:
Demonstrated interest in and knowledge of SAC’s areas of research and scholarship. Experience and knowledge in publishing, editing, and journal administration. Excellent written and oral communication skills. Higher degree in anthropology or closely related field. Proven record of refereed publications.
Ability to work with a digital publishing platform. Excellent interpersonal skills and experience supervising staff.

Anthropology of Consciousness is grounded in anthropology, and produces a comprehensive body of literature in both new and established topical areas. A  distinct and highly valued feature of the journal is its interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary appeal to academic authors, contributors, and readers from anthropology as well as from psychology, sociology, alternative and complementary medicine, and phenomenology.  An overarching goal of SAC is to increase the impact and exposure of the journal across anthropology and the other human sciences.

Working arrangements:
Must be available for a three-year term of appointment.

Must meet strict deadlines to produce two issues of the journal annually.

Must have a computer updated to current standards and software.

Works closely with Associate Editors/peer-reviewers and an Assistant Editor.

Training provided, preferably before term begins to overlap with current Managing Editors.

Volunteer position with reimbursement for journal-related costs.

Attendance at AAA annual fall meeting expected, with some travel and lodging

Organizational or financial support from editor’s institution or organization helpful.

100% working remotely.


New Co-Editors for the Journal of the Anthropology of Consciousness

As originally announced in news letter from SAC President Diane Hardgrave: 

We are pleased to introduce Nicole Torres and Gary Moore as the new Co-Editors for Anthropology of Consciousness (AoC). Torres and Moore have a shared vision of what are likely ways to expand the impact and relevance, of AoC while ensuring fiscal health and sustainability.

Nicole Torres, a longtime supporter of SAC current Board Member, is a medical and psychological anthropologist. Courses taught by her include The Social Life of Psychiatry, Expressive Culture and Creativity, Myth, Magic, and Meaning, and Medical Anthropology—many of the required readings for these courses are drawn from readings in the Journal. Her most recent publication, Walls of Indifference: Immigration and the Militarization of the US-Mexico Border addresses consciousness in cultural and institutional settings, with specific concern for the militarization of consciousness in everyday life. Her unique blend of interests as a medical and psychological anthropologist who is also trained in clinical social work will prove to be an asset to scholarly engagement and stewardship of the Journal.

Gary Moore has extensive experience with editing and preparing documents for publication in electronic formats. In 1994, he joined the staff of Linux Journal as Copy Editor, preparing articles by authors of all skill levels for publication. After being recruited as Editor, he built relationships with potential authors and helped contributing authors to craft articles that fit the editorial focus of each monthly issue. In 1997, he started work at Microsoft, where he edited complex, chapter-sized content for publication to paper. Over the subsequent years, he made the transition from paper to electronic formats as industry moved away from designing and publishing paper documentation. As a writer and editor, he has prepared and published content in multiple formats for delivery to the WWW as web pages and downloadable files. He is also a senior member of the Society for Technical Communication and in training as a web developer.

Join us in welcoming Nicole Torres and Gary Moore as our new editors!

We take this opportunity to once again convey our sincere thanks to outgoing co-editors Peter Benson and Rebecca Lester for their excellent work. And finally, SAC gratefully acknowledges the longstanding contribution of Assistant Editor Tanya Collings whose dedication and attention to detail has been exemplary.   We extend our best wishes to Peter, Rebecca and Tanya in their future endeavors.

M. Diane Hardgrave
SAC President