What is the Color of Consciousness?

As SAC tries to improve its Internet presence in response to the AAA’s request for 5 year publishing plans, board members and journal editors push themselves to ask questions of visual aesthetics, marketing, and finance which might not come naturally. But in the end, we might be stronger having asked these questions.

sac pic

Questions of utility, gave way to much more important questions about access and scholarship dissemination: How can we between link the SAC website  and the SAC blog? What can we do to ensure that our research reaches a board audience? How can we make our work more accessible to the general public? How can we make articles from our journal of the Anthropology of Consciousness accessible to scholars of other disciplines? To the public?

That opened the floor for ethical, moral, and financial debates: Should we offer free or at the very least affordable options for buying our journal articles? Can we, as an organization within the AAAs, afford to do so?


SAC’s current Internet Presence includes its official website, blog, the AoC Journal‘s website and on AnthroSource, its Facebook group, a Twitter account, and a Google + site. The real question now is how can we use these public faces of SAC as way to engage with both our members and the broader community of scholars and members of the general public interested in consciousness studies.

If consciousness was a color, what color would it be? If these are to be the public faces of the Society of the Anthropology of Consciousness, then we need to think about what type of face we want to put forward.  What does the anthropology of consciousness feel like?

We are working hard to improve these sites, but they are community effort, feedback and participation is encouraged.  Any SAC members interested in writing for this blog please contact me or send us an email at anthropologyofconsciousness@gmail.com


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